Why I Chose This Domain

It’s as good a place to start as anywhere else, right? Let me first explain my reasoning behind purchasing domainnamestraffic.com and then I’ll explain how I obtained this domain.

When I was thinking about which domain name I should get for this website my first thought was that I needed something that kind of explained what the website was about.

I wanted the domain name to be self-explanatory but I also wanted it to be a longtail keyword. What’s a long-tail keyword I hear you ask. Let’s first explain what a keyword or keyphrase is.

A very simple explaination is that keywords help search engines categorise their search results and help you to optimise your content to make your site more attractive to those search engines and more likely to rank within those specific keyword categories. This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

A long-tail keyword is more specific and usually longer than more common keywords. Here’s an example below:

Keyword: Websites

Long-tail keywords: Cheap Websites For Sale

Long-tail keywords usually get less traffic but can have a higher conversion rate(someone clicking onto your website) because they’re more specific and descriptive.

So, domainnamestraffic.com probably won’t help much with ranking in internet browsers such as Google, but people might be more likely to click on the website if they were looking for information about domain names or website traffic.

The exception to the rule above is if people searching in browsers do type in the exact long-tail keywords that you’ve optimised your content for. These long-tail keywords have far less competition and can therefore make you rank higher for these precise long-tail keywords.

I’ve spoken briefly about SEO above just to explain my reasoning for choosing the domain name for this website, but these keywords and long-tail keywords come more into play with the content that you write for your site and even the links you get.

SEO is a massive topic and I will eventually get around to explaining a lot about it in future posts, but it’s beyond the scope of this blog post.

Okay, let’s get back to the topic in hand. You now know the reasoning behind what I was looking for when choosing a domain name, but how did I find this domain?

There are several ways to choose domain names and I’ll briefly explain some of them now. Firstly, you can go to one of the main registrars such as GoDaddy.com, and a whole host of other registrars to check if the name you have in mind is available. That’s the simplest way.

What happens if you aren’t sure what domain name you want but you have the basic criteria that I outlined above? You could go to one of the several marketplaces and auction sites such as Sedo.com.

Here and other places similar to Sedo, you can buy and sell domains at premium prices. We’ll discuss this in more depth in future posts about domain flipping.

The third option is to go to a website called expireddomains.net and search their website for inspiration using their search engine options. As the name implies, this website contains a curated list of recently expired or about to be expired domains.

This is where I found the domain I’m using for this website–It fitted my criteria perfectly! It also had over 800 backlinks already, which was great for SEO. I’ll explain what backlinks are and all other types of links in future blog posts, but for now, you should roughly understand why you’re reading this post on the domainnamestraffic.com

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