Sedo Domain Sales Settings

This guide will explore and help you to understand Sedo domain sales setting options. Sedo offers various ways to sell your domains, so let’s take a look at them.

Buy Now

Sedo recommends that you list your domains with a buy now price. Their research shows that domains with a buy now price are three times more likely to sell when compared to a standard make offer listing. There are also other benefits to selling with buy now setting. If your domain is parked with Sedo when it sells with a buy now order you can benefit from reduced commission fees. Buy now listings also qualify you for SedoMLS premium and instant domain transfers (I’ll discuss this fully in another guide).

The main benefit from buy now listings is that it makes the whole selling process transparent which helps buyers purchase your domains! Pyschologically, a buy now listing creates a sense of urgency as buyers won’t want to miss out! See the screenshot below of buy now listing examples.

As a sales tactic, if you’ve had your domains listed as a make offer and received offers, you can change the make offer listing to a buy now listing and Sedo will automatically email the people who created the offers to let them know that the listing has changed to a buy now listing.

If you haven’t researched your domain and don’t understand what it is worth then a buy now listing might not be the correct option for you because you might put off potential buyers by listing the buy now price too high.

Make Offer

The Make Offer listing option is great for when you really don’t understand the value of your domain for sale. Sedo allows you to list the domain with no price and allows the market to decide. The minimum offer is 20 in GBP/ EUR/ DOL. You are not obliged to accept any offer, but offers are sent to you via email when you receive them.

Asking Price

The asking price is the price you are asking for the domain and is usually used in conjunction with Minimum Offer.

Minimum Offer

The Minimum Offer listing works in conjunction with the Asking Price listing. This is useful if you have a minimum that you’ll accept but aren’t quite sure in what range the offers might be. The Minimum Offer stops you receiving emails from low bids! Any offer above your Minimum Offer will still receive an automated email to let you know about the offer.

Congratulations! You should now undeerstand the different types of market selling options available to you. In the next guide I’ll walk you through how to list a domain for sale.

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