How To List A Domain For Sale

In this guide we’re going to list your domains for sale on the Sedo Marketplace.

Firstly, go to the top-right of the Sedo website and press ‘add domains’ option.

This will take you to the next screen where you can upload one or more of your domain names. If you want to add multiple domains just seperate each domain with a space or comma as show below. Next you should review the user terms and guidelines and tick the box to acknowledge that you agree with them. Press the ‘Go To Next Step’ button.

Next, we’re going to select what type of sales format you want to use, such as buy now or make offer, etc. I covered this extensively in the previous guide called Sedo Domain Sales Settings Once you’ve chosen your price, type of sale listing and minimum offer if applicable, you can go to step 3 by using the green button shown below.

Step 3 is about premium services. You can ignore this for now and just press the button ‘Finish Adding Domains’.

Excellent! You’ve now listed your domains. In the next guide we’ll verify ownership of your domains.

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