Build WordPress Website

Welldone if you’ve made it this far into this guide! If you’d like to start at the beginning of this guide go to ‘How To Become A Domainer.’

You’re now ready to build a website using Elementor Pro.

Elementor makes building a website a very simple task. There are a couple of ways to go about doing this and I’ll list them below.

  1. The easy way!

You can use Elementor webkits to get a complete website theme up and running quickly. You can then edit elements of this website to suit your criteria.

2. The slightly harder way.

You can use Elementor to build the site from scratch using different elements within Elementor such as header, footer, etc. This way gives you more control over the website building process.

Design is a complicated topic so I suggest you play around with the elementor settings until you are happy with your website design. You can make other changes as you go along, but now the important thing is to get some content on your new website.

Congratulations! You’ve name started you Domainer Journey! In the next guide we’ll dive deeper into how to flip domains for profit.

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