How To Become A Domainer

Welcome to my website where I’ll be discussing all things related to buying and selling domains, creating websites that get traffic and monetising those websites.

Join me on the journey to becoming a successful domain flipper, website flipper and website owner earning revenue from the sites I own.

I’ll be learning a lot of this stuff as I go along and will record any useful insights that I have along the way.

Bookmark this site so that you don’t miss any useful tips and tricks which can help you to also take the journey to financial freedom.

Let’s do this! Go to the next page in this guide Why I Chose This Domain.

Why I Chose This Domain

It's as good a place to start as anywhere else, right? Let me first explain my reasoning behind purchasing and then I'll explain how I obtained this domain. When I was thinking about which domain name I should get for this...

Hosting A Domain

On this page I'm going to explain what hosting is and how you can set it up. If you haven't read the previous page in this 'How To Become A Domainer' guide, then I suggest reading Why I chose This Domain first. Hosting a website is easy! You find...
How To Setup DNS

How To Setup DNS

If you've read the previous pages you should have chosen and bought a domain name, chosen and registered hosting with a dedicated hosting company or setup a dedicated server for your hosting requirements. If you haven't then I suggest going to the first...
Setting Up Wordpress

Setting Up Wordpress

If you've read my pages, you've probably got yourself a domain and hosting and setup your DNS settings and now you are ready to setup a content management system. If you haven't read any of the other pages and want to start this guide from the beginning...
Build Wordpress Website

Build Wordpress Website

Welldone if you've made it this far into this guide! If you'd like to start at the beginning of this guide go to 'How To Become A Domainer.' You're now ready to build a website using Elementor Pro. Elementor makes building a website a very...

How To Choose Domains To Sell

In this short guide we're going to explore the methodologies for choosing domains to add to your domain portfolio. There are many ways to choose a domain that you think will have commercial value and will be able to sell, let's take a look at some of...

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